Mobile Vehicle Locksmith Service

Modern day vehicles are equipped with immobiliser systems that require communication between the key and the vehicle for it to start. The vehicle key has a small microchip known as a transponder that holds specific information in relation to the vehicle and communicates with the vehicle’s immobiliser. Whilst this is good for security it can be a big problem if your keys become lost, damaged or stolen.

Main dealers can replace keys but it can be a time consuming and expensive process. Mobile One has invested heavily in specialist decoding machinery that enables us to cut and program new keys for the majority of cars.

In the event of your keys being stolen, we have the ability to delete the old key information from the vehicle to inhibit the old key from being used to start it.

We can also help if you have accidently locked your keys in the car or the boot. Using specialised tools and techniques we can gain entry into your car without causing any damage.

If you only have one key for your car it is a good idea to let us produce spare car keys for you now. Using state-of-the-art computerised machinery we are able to copy car keys for most vehicles. Duplicate car keys are easier and cheaper to produce, so don’t wait until you lose all of your car keys – contact us today.

Get A Spare

If you haven’t already got one, we strongly recommend getting a spare key made.

If you have only the one key and you lose it, your vehicle can’t be used. Having a spare key means you are able to use your car until you get another key made.

Importantly, it can also save you money! If you have two keys, and you lose the one, to get a replacement key is a lot easier, as we can just cut the key to match your existing. If you have no keys at all, we have to create a key from decoding the locks, or obtaining the key information from the main dealer.

Some makes and models are also a lot harder to program without an existing key. So it makes a lot of sense to get a spare before the worst happens!

Don’t wait until it’s too late!


  • Car Opening
  • Lost Keys Replaced
  • Broken Keys Removed
  • Transponder Keys Supplied
  • Door Locks Repaired
  • Additional Vehicle Security

Auto Diagnostic Services

As vehicle diagnostic systems have become more and more complex so has the need to invest in the equipment and training to use them.

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